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Quality Policy

We achieve excellence through the ongoing development of our competencies and continuous quality improvement in all our processes. In particular, we recognize the value and importance of systems and processes in reaching our quality goals. Our company has adapted processes that adhere to ISO 9001-2008 quality standards enabling our customers to enhance the quality of their product.

Our Value Proposition

  • We will strive to deliver Zero Defect design and services to our customers, on time and every time through continuous improvement of our Design and services
  • Our quality policy goal is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and we verify this through product and business benchmarking and customer satisfaction measurement
  • We strongly believe in continuous training of our employees
  "Great work, the MotherBoard is very
impressive and it is clear that the team has spent a considerable amount of time...

- Design Engineer, India's leading chip and product design company

Schematic generation

Schematic generation
PCB Layout Design

PCB Layout Design
Signal Integrity & Thermal Analysis

Signal Integrity & 
Thermal Analysis
Filming and PCB fabrication

Filming and PCB fabrication

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